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BEST LUXURY RESORT 2013luxury award 2012

“Perfect honeymoon”
Reviewed April, 2014
Wow. Wow. Wow. We are so glad we chose Emaho over the bigger resorts. It was just what we needed after a trip to Oz. Quiet, secluded, stunning views and total relaxation. From the massage to the infinity pool and the outdoor bed, we were able to soak in the sun when we wanted, and enjoy the surroundings. The food is AMAZING. The staff goes out of its way to please! Highly recommend Emaho for your getaway! You will not want to leave!!
Stayed April 2013, traveled as a couple

“Perfect way to end a honeymoon”
Reviewed April, 2014
My wife and I visited for three days after a whirlwind trip through parts of Australia. We didn't want to leave! Fantastic, entirely private secluded villa, wonderful service, and delectable food! Probably the top destination of my life, and it will be hard to top! I could eat kokoda every day... Breakfast lunch and dinner out of sight. The entire experience was amazing and well worth the cost for the peace and quiet!
Stayed April 2013

“A True Getaway Experience”
Reviewed February 19, 2014
We came away from our holiday to Emaho Sekawa feeling thoroughly relaxed and rejuvenated. Working with people in hospitality back home, we spent time doing our homework, hoping to find a retreat away from the public so that our batteries could be recharged. We SO got what we were looking for. The villa is breathtaking. We were surrounded by peace, beauty & tranquillity, and OMG... the view! Our meals were fresh, creative and delicious, our favourite being Kokoda which we asked for every day. Painted lobster, mud crabs, local caught prawns, and porcelain crabs which were new to us. We kayaked, swam in the freshwater river, fished (sadly without success due to too much plankton in the water), snorkelled, drank Pina Coladas and Fiji Bitter. Our idea of heaven. The staff need a particular mention, they are the heart and soul of this magical place. We could not thank them enough for all they did for us. The owners of the retreat treat them like family and it shows. We will return one day soon to plug into Emaho's battery recharger. It really works.
Stayed February 2014, traveled as a couple

“The ultimate island/vegetarian dining experience”
Reviewed February 6, 2014
My wife and I went to Emaho for our honeymoon after we attended her family reunion over the New Year. It couldn't have been more perfect. From the day we arrived, until the day we left, there was no faltering in their top-notch service. The enthusiasm and happiness displayed by every staff member was contagious and, by the end of the trip, we felt as if we were part of their family. The beauty of the people was equally matched by the beauty of the resort. The villa was immaculate and the staff was constantly refreshing our linens and decorating the premises with flower arrangements. We were never at a loss for things to do. We opted for an excursion to a deserted sandbar where we had champaign and snacks as well as did a bit of snorkeling. We spent another morning kayaking up the Sekawa river and through the mangroves with an Emaho guide. The village excursion was amazing and gave us a vivid glimpse into everyday life in a Fijian village. What was most amazing, however, was the food. My wife and I are both vegetarians and the Indian Fijian chef was amazing! The menu was diverse and she kept surprising us with off-the-menu foods. We had never tasted such a diverse mix of flavours. Even the best resorts we have been to generally falter on the food after a few meals and have to repeat items. We were at Emaho for 7 nights and were satisfied with every meal! I could not get enough vegetarian kokado and my wife, who has a very discerning palate, kept asking the chef for recipes. In all, this was one of the best trips we have taken. We looked at other resorts offering similar seclusion and luxury, but would have spent two to three times as much for no better amenities or service. We recommend this resort without reservation to any couple looking to enjoy each other's company while exploring what Fiji has to offer! Thank you Lucas, Petra, and the entire Emaho staff! We will definitely be back for our 'babymoon'!
Stayed January 2014, traveled as a couple

“Breathtaking getaway experience!”
Reviewed December 29, 2013
My wife and I spent our honeymoon at Emaho during the Christmas time this year, and it was a breathtaking experience! The resort is a hidden gem embraced in the beautiful surroundings of beach, valleys, and greeneries of the Savusavu Bay. Complete serenity and seclusion at the resort is worth every dollar you pay for. The owner told us that they built this villa resort to cater to maximum 4 people at a time and want to keep it that way so it is genuinely unique in the world. We had the entire place to ourselves for 7 days, and felt so refreshed at the conclusion of our stay. The view from the villa is astonishingly beautiful. We were completely surrounded by nature (you can hear birds and crickets singing, and sea-waves rolling anytime), even though the facilities at the villa are modern and make us feel very comfortable. The villa is huge with separate living room, bedroom, a huge patio and a nice swimming pool. There is also a garden and pavilion on the top level where we had our special Christmas dinner. In terms of activities, we had complete freedom of choosing what to do on any given day, and we did local a local village and waterfall visit, snorkeling, sports fishing and massage. Food was great – a very decent mix of seafood, vegetables and local gourmet that you cannot get enough of. We were lucky enough to catch a big Spanish mackerel during our fishing trip, and we had it for dinner that day, which was super delicious. Another highlight of our stay was the top-notch service we got - the owners - Petra and Lukas - took great care of us (arranging trips and taking us on boat cruise, snorkeling, and sports fishing), and the local staff are genuinely friendly people and made us feel like home. We were accompanied by local musicians for our special dinner on Christmas Eve and they even prepared exciting fireworks for us on Christmas Day! I would definitely recommend Emaho to those who want something really special and unique for their beloved ones for a wedding anniversary, a honeymoon vacation, or simply just a romantic getaway. It is truly a unique hidden paradise in the beautiful land of Fiji! We hope to come back one day…
Stayed December 2013, traveled as a couple

“Trip of a lifetime - The paradise experience”
Reviewed December 14, 2013
Not sure what to add that hasn’t already been said about this incredible place in the previous reviews. It is hard to believe, but this place really is paradise. No kidding, it has to be experienced at least once in a lifetime. We certainly hope to come back. If you plan that special trip you’ve been saving your money for; then this is it! Emaho is your place. Emaho is different from all the other resorts we’ve stayed in up to date. It is mainly because you are the only guests there and you’re being treated like a royalty since the moment you arrive there. Emaho has it all. Petra and Lukas will go out of their way to make sure that you have what you need and that everything goes according to your wishes. Seclusion, privacy, the million dollar views, perfect service, luxury, abundance of gourmet food, exciting cocktails, massages, waterfalls, you name it, you can all have it at this private resort in a complete seclusion. I must not forget to mention the staff who helped to make our vacation so unique. We will always remember lovely Inise and the hilarious Ruben. Fijians are known to be the friendliest people in the world and we can certainly agree to that. Can’t say more as I don’t want to ruin the surprise for you. This is a place that has to be experienced. Words or pictures don’t do it justice. I would like to also mention that Emaho is a really good value for all the things you get. For this price you’d only get a bure at other resorts but at Emaho you get the all-inclusive package with a huge villa. We have stayed at another Fiji resort for the first half of our trip and must say that we much preferred Emaho. We highly recommend Emaho Sekawa for anyone who is looking for that special vacation.
Stayed October 2013, traveled as a couple

Reviewed October 29, 2013
Everyone has said this so far, but it warrants repeating: what can I add to the already rave reviews of this heavenly place? Petra and Lukas have truly created a dream resort in a dream location. My husband and I talked about going to a once-in-a-lifetime location for our honeymoon, and when we found Emaho Sekawa we knew we had found our answer. While we stayed at Emaho Sekawa we took advantage of the massages, snorkeling, local waterfalls, and the fact that Lukas is a certified divemaster. My husband really enjoyed scuba diving with Lukas and appreciated the top notch scuba gear that Emaho Sekawa offered for use. One of my favorite things about our stay was the fact that the staff realized I was a little cuckoo for the kokoda, so they offered to teach me how to make it. Learning how to make kokoda in Fiji with super fresh ingredients was a real treat. My husband and I both really loved the dinner we spent being serenaded by local musicians. At first we weren't sure about it, just because we were really loving being alone on our honeymoon, but listening to the music and joining in on the singing ended up being a special memory for us.
When the day of our departure arrived (too quickly!), Petra was extremely helpful in helping us change flights and book a hotel on Denerau for the day. Thanks to her suggestion, we switched our flights so we only had two instead of three to Nadi. This allowed us to have a few hours at the Sheraton on Denerau Island. By spending only an afternoon there, it made us appreciate how top of the line our experience was at Emaho Sekawa. We began our journey to Emaho Sekawa thinking this would be a once-in-a-lifetime trip, but after the delightful time we had we both agree we have to go back!
Stayed April 2013, traveled as a couple

Reviewed October 7, 2013
This is the exact place where we want to spend our honeymoon - privacy, relaxation, pampering. The view from the deck and pool is breathtaking - waves rolling in from distance, lagoon winds through tropical jungle. It's so peaceful that you can hear birds and crickets talking, even during the day. The hospitality from the staff and host were warm and sincere. It's truly THE spot that you can dream of. Thanks, Petra and Lucas for making every moment of our honeymoon unforgettable! We will be back!
Stayed October 2013, traveled as a couple

Reviewed August 27, 2013
Sorry we are a bit late with the review, old story, I thought she thought and nobody did.
If you could add all of the reviews together that is exactly what I would say regarding this fantastic place. It would be hard to add any superlatives to the comments that have already been made.
Petra and Lukas will go out of there way to provide you with a fantastic time. Try a spot of fishing with Lukas, its a great day out or maybe sand island.
I must say that apart from the stunning views from your villa on the edge of the world and the great food the staff are a stand out, always wanting to go the extra bit and make sure you are completely happy. I must also say that they do have a great sense of humour so its good to be able to be relaxed around them with the odd joke now and again, it does go both ways.
Thank you very much crew we had a wonderful time!!!
Stayed March 2013, traveled as a couple

Reviewed August 25, 2013
ESR soars beyond any pinnacle. Its service ascends heaven's imagination. "Oh truly, how will we ever top this experience?" Our pics said it all.

Zenith above a rainforest playground is this luxury seclusion, where ocean view expanse aligns the green-canopy vista for miles with layering mountain ridges, meandering river, a private beach and atoll. Such vision was carved for our reality. Now, anticipate the pleasures: fresh lobsters, gourmet cuisines, banana wrap spa treatment, natural rain shower water, adorning flowers at every corner, exquisite choice of books and music... and yet, to peak all your heightened senses, one can't help but radiate from those warm Fijian smiles. These people extend effulgence beyond an authentic "bula" song. What follows this family award winning (2012 World Luxury Hotel) is from-the-heart service of genuine owners. As seasoned vacationers, your hosts L'nP dared to pioneer our lifetime travel experience. ESR is uniquely superior to other 5-to-7-star resort classes in that, it offers the ultimate privacy, while dedicating their entire staff to 1 sole purpose --YOU, the only couple. Cheers with many thanks from B&N at HB, CA.

Much love to Lucas, Petra, Inise, Mere, Vasemaca, Vika, Salome, Liviana, Reshmi, and Simeli. You are all in our heart since Aug.2012 ~ Be blessed ~
Stayed August 2012, traveled as a couple

Reviewed August 23, 2013
We took some time of work to explore the other side of the world. Emaho Sekawa was the last resort we stayed at before going back home and I wanted the last stop of our vacation to be remembered as my perfect honeymoon. When I read the Emaho reviews on Trip Advisor I knew right away that I finally found the place for us for our “special week”.

Emaho Sekawa is everything I imagined it to be and much more. The photos on the website really don’t do the place justice as the place is much more spectacular. It is mainly the feeling of serenity that the photos cannot describe. When we got out of the car we knew instantly that we made the right choice. The only regret I have that we haven’t stayed longer as this was by far the best part of our trip.

I could write pages about this place, but it has pretty much all been covered in the previous reviews. You can do what you want any time. My husband did most of the activities that Emaho offers while I mostly stayed in and enjoyed my daily massages and cocktails. My husband’s favorite trip was the deep sea fishing. It was incredible feeling to have my husband out in the sea fishing and then bringing back the fresh catch (3 huge Yellow-fin tunas) and then have it superbly prepared for dinner by the Chief. The best sashimi I ever had and certainly the freshest. The dining at Emaho is certainly one of the highlights; the best meals we had during our entire trip and most likely some of the best we ever had. The dining at Emaho can easily be compared to some of the world’s top restaurants. My husband and I really love good food, and chose this place also because of the all-inclusive meal feature. We never expected that the all-inclusive meals feature would have such a level of “gourmet” in it. I even got some of the recipes from the Chief and promised my husband that I’ll be making “Emaho Nights” for the two of us.

The staff really is another highlight as mentioned in the other reviews. It is a huge part of the Emaho experience. We have never met people that are so incredibly friendly and polite. The service was first class and there really was a perfect balance in everything.

Emaho really cannot compare to other resorts. It’s unlike anything I have ever visited or read about. Emaho Sekawa is an incredible place that I think one should visit at least once in a lifetime. We plan on returning in the future and I have already reserved this place for my parent’s anniversary celebration.

Loved it here and would highly recommend it. It’s the kind of place that stays in your heart.
Stayed April 2013, traveled as a couple

Reviewed July 28, 2013
I needed some time away from the city and work. After much research on available resorts in Fiji, I was lucky enough to be able to book myself a few days with Petra and Lukas at their amazing resort. My trip was very much a trip to relax and chill out and diving. Everything was better and beyond my expectation!

As a solo traveller, I was the only guest there. It was fantastic!!! I had all the wonderful staff attention to myself!!! Never felt lonely as the staff would respect my privacy when I needed it and also accompany me when I wanted to have a chat and some company!! Petra made sure I was taken good care of at all times, organizing my body massage for after my day of diving... it was pure bliss!!

The view from the villa balcony was breathtaking. Ocean to the left, rainforest to the right. Doesn't matter what the weather is, the view is unbelievable. After the sunset, one just has to look up and the night sky is covered with stars! Something I don't get to see anymore in heavily light polluted cities where I come from

I enjoyed strolling up to the Bula Pavillion to have dinner - lovely Inise would welcome me with big smile and bring me wonderfully fresh and yummy food and tell me about Fijian culture and lifestyle...

Lukas was fantastic to have as a dive master! We didn't have the best weather but I was still able to experience some scuba diving with Lukas. Definitely will need to stay longer to visit more dive sites with Lukas next time!!!

I would definitely recommend Emaho for those who are looking for some relaxing time away, solo, with friends or family and loved ones.... I will definitely be back!
Stayed June 2013, traveled solo

Reviewed June 3, 2013
My fiancée and I stayed at Emaho Sekawa for one week in May 2013 with our four month old baby girl. When researching accommodation options in Fiji we found that many of the luxury resorts are ‘adults only’ and the larger family resorts did not offer the private family experience that we were seeking. Emaho Sekawa was perfect!
The views are absolutely magnificent and we got the chance to really relax. Our hosts ensured that we were well looked after. From the moment we booked until we boarded our flight home, nothing was too much trouble. We ate three spectacular meals each day, had our laundry done for us, and were made to feel extremely special by the friendliest and most professional staff we have ever encountered. Our little girl was also treated as an important guest - they provided a baby seat for the airport transfers, a cot, a baby bath, and even lovely babysitters so that we could enjoy some time together as a couple…they thought of everything! We were sad to say goodbye to the wonderful staff and owners.
We highly recommend staying at Emaho Sekawa. It is a truly relaxing experience that you will never forget.
Stayed May 2013, traveled with family

Reviewed May 8, 2013
We are a young couple from Australia and we decided to elope to Fiji to have our wedding. We spent so many days trying to decide among all the beautiful resorts and places around Fiji.
Finally, we saw the website of Emaho Sekawa and was love at the first sight.
The preparation of the wedding since the first day that we booked the package was absolutely organized and responsible.
We arrived in Savusavu and we were amazed with all the landscape of the beautiful "hidden paradise" . We got all the marriage license done in just a few hours which we really appreciate it as we just stayed for 3 nights.
The day of the wedding was a FAIRYTALE absolutely everything was complete it organized and full of detail. The Staff created a beautiful scenario for the ceremony that we will never forget.The photographers were with us all over the wedding and the shooting was beautiful.
We decided to have our wedding at sunset and I think was the best decision as the pictures speak for themselves: Spectacular!
Emaho Sekawa organized the most romantic and unforgettable day of our lives without doubts.
All the rest, the accommodation, the food, the service everything was fantastic.
The villa emaho has an amazing view that your eyes just can not believe!
The trip to sand Island was complete it worth it.. Paradise!
We are very grateful and lucky to decided to stay and get married at Emaho Sekawa.. 5 stars!
All the best, Elianna and William Beveridge
Stayed May 2013, traveled as a couple

Reviewed May 3, 2013
We arrived at Emaho Sekawa January 21, 2013 after waiting over a year. The wait was well worth it. Emaho is everything we thought it would be. This was an incredible thirteen days in paradise. The views you see in the website pictures pale in comparison to the reality of seeing them from YOUR private villa!! There is beauty to behold from every angle, from the rainforest at your feet to the vast open blue water of Savusavu Bay to the flowers that surround and decorate your villa. And the sunsets are worth the trip itself!!

The villa itself is private, open, breezy, and decorated with your comfort in mind. This was the most comfortable place we have ever stayed.

The food is incomparable—fresh, homemade yogurt, fresh island fruits, seafood, juices—it was all exquisitely prepared. The presentation always with fresh flowers almost made you not want to touch it. (We took a lot of pictures of food.) We looked forward to the surprise of every meal.

There is also plenty to do. We recommend that you make the trips to the waterfall and for the Meke Dance as you will meet the Fijians in their villages. We were the honored guests. We made many friends there, particularly in the village we went by on our daily walks on the beach.
Those are memories we will never forget. On our last morning, we were asked to come to the beach to say goodby to one of the older ladies in the village who handed us a tapa—Fijian homemade, decorated cloth!! We were both in tears and didn’t want to leave.

However, what makes Emaho Sekawa superbly special is their staff. They say Fijians are the friendliest people on earth. We found that to be very true in this staff. They were dedicated to making our stay absolutely perfect. And they did. They are sooooo polite, friendly, and attentive to your needs and wants. There are no words to describe their service. They are simply to us the best in the world--from the opening greeting song to the tearful hugs as we said farewell. We miss our Fijian friends. Chris and Cynthia. Virginia, USA.
Stayed January 2013, traveled as a couple

Reviewed March 17, 2013
The property was designed with every vista in mind and ecology at heart. You can see from the many photos of Emaho Sekawa that this place is second to none. It is clear that Petra and Lukas fell in love with this spot for it's views of the mountains and the water. As you enter your Villa, your eyes are drawn to a river running through the forest at the base of a mountain peak. It is a view that will continue to astound you every day. You are just minutes from the beach, yet you have everything you need to relax right there in your own villa. You could quite happily spend your time solely on the property, but Petra will quite happily arrange activities for you if you so choose. We hiked to a waterfall, kayaked on a river, snorkeled for hours and visited a local village. When she found out I was a teacher, Petra even offered to take me to see her son's school. At the school, as with every other villager or local we met, we continued to be amazed at how friendly everyone was. My husband and I began to shed our tough, urban outlook and traded them in for the friendly, open and welcoming way of life embraced by the Fijian people. Just about everyone we encountered greeted us with open arms. I thought the lush flora, serene beaches and crystal waters were the reasons to people travel to and stay in Fiji. However, by far, the Fijian people and their way of life is what makes this place so special.

We felt most at home at Emaho Sekawa. The staff made us feel like royalty from the start. We arrived to very nice welcome song from the staff. We shook everyone's hand and quickly learned their names--as they did ours. Being that you are the only guests on the property, you become like family with these people. They are able to cater your experience to your desires and that makes this place like no other in the world. Every day was filled with amazing adventures and beautiful sights.

And, the food was over the top incredible! Everything was delicious and I found myself wanting to eat everything on my plate, although there is so much food, this would be impossible to do. The fruit is fantastic, the fish is fresh and the desserts are delectable. There are fresh baked breads every day and a variety of desserts every night. My husband and I are definitely foodies and we eat out at restaurants every week. The food at Emaho Sekawa deserves a Michelin star. Our favorite dish by far was the kokoda. My husband had it just about every day and they were able to make a vegetarian version for me. This savory coconut broth with potatoes, chiles, tomatoes and onions is almost like a vegetarian ceviche. It's served with fresh made garlic bread and I'm drooling just remembering it.

When our week was up, we found it hard to say goodbye. This beautiful place is like Shangrila. We had such a wonderful experience we didn't want to leave. What was even more difficult was saying goodbye to everyone at Emaho Sekawa who made us feel so loved and taken care of during our stay. We hope to be back, but until then we will hold Emaho Sekawa in our hearts.
Stayed February 2013, traveled as a couple

Reviewed February 9, 2013
After reading the multitude of outstanding reviews about Emaho Sekawa, my fiancé and I booked a 7 night package which included our Wedding and Honeymoon. Words cannot convey our experience! Yes, the resort, food, staff, facilities, outstanding location and peacefulness of this piece of paradise is true, as all the other reviewers have confirmed, but our Wedding was unique and truly magical.

Prior to our wedding we had attended a church service within the village. The congregation greeted us with open arms and made us feel very welcome. We were invited to address the congregation and doing so thanked everyone and invited them to our special day. To our surprise and delight, the congregation walked a dirt road to the resort in all their finery to attend our special day.

The Wedding Day! We enjoyed a gorgeous champagne breakfast, a swim in our private pool and a relaxing massage.

The staff spent many hours preparing the wedding site without any interruption to us. A float to carry me to my groom was constructed, an enormous arch was built, complete with tropical flowers, an aisle was created out of more beautiful flowers. My bouquet and tiara along with my fiancé lei was handmade by one of the staff members, thanks Mary. Our wedding cake was beautifully crafted and included a gluten free top for myself. Our seven course wedding dinner was carefully considered and executed by the resort's chef. The minister ensured our desires and wishes regarding the vows etc...were understood.

My intended stood at the top of the resort awaiting my arrival. I was ushered to the amazing float by an impressive Fijian Warrior and placed on top. I was then carried up a hill, across the property by a group of Warriors to my future husband. I encountered a wonderful choir singing, a multitude of people including the church congregation, Fijian Warriors and staff.

With the ceremony completed, the Warriors began with a traditional Cava Ceremony followed by Warrior dancing and music. It was incredible! The owners Petra and Lucas ensured that our surprise guests were provided with drinks and nibbles. Nothing was too much!

After our guests left we enjoyed a fabulous seven course dinner! We were also entertained by our own private group of musicians and cava ceremony which carried on into the late night. What an outstanding day!

This unique property along with the care provided during our entire stay has left a long standing impression on us. We encourage anyone seeking a truly memorable Wedding, Honeymoon or Holiday to consider this resort.
Stayed November 2012, traveled as a couple

Reviewed December 9, 2012
What can we say about this place that has not already been said? We booked this vacation 11 months in advance and read all the glowing reviews over and over so we really were excited about the trip and had great expectation. Unfortunately :) I cannot add anything that hasn’t already been said. Words cannot express the beauty of the location of the villa. It is perched on a mountain overlooking the sea and the forest. The accommodations are first class, top shelf. . We can't say enough about the staff. Our every desire was met and then some. This is a must do.
Stayed November 2012, traveled as a couple.

Reviewed December 1, 2012
So it is difficult to not repeat what everyone else has already stated about their experiences. Emaho Sekawa is an amazing place, private, peaceful, beautiful,...somewhere everyone needs to visit one time. The staff is fantastic, they treat you like family, are available for your every need, and serve some of the most delicious food I have ever tasted. Petra and Lukas are always available if you have any questions or any needs. My wife and I are ready to go back for a repeat trip.

Of course Fiji has many beautiful luxurious resorts, but to have a resort to yourselves and to be surrounded by the tranquility of the rainforest.....nothing compares to Emaho Sekawa. But to really experience will have to go and experience it for yourself.
Stayed November 2012, traveled as a couple.

Reviewed November 6, 2012
To summarize our experience at Emaho Sekawa in words would not do the resort any justice. The feeling of serenity and tranquility one experiences at this private resort is second to none. From the moment you get to Emaho Sekawa, you feel as if you have found Heaven on Earth. Tucked away on a mountain of breathtaking scenery, your eyes will not know what to soak in first. From the immaculate interior design of the villa to the engaging sounds of the waves, this was truly a perfect place to honeymoon.

The kind hearted owners, Petra and Lukas had a concept to design a resort where there is utmost privacy and unforgettable service. The way they have been able to achieve this is truly remarkable. It’s your choice whether to just stay at the Villa and relax (guaranteed you will not be bored) or whether to go out and try some activities. We chose to do a fishing trip, where we were lucky enough to see dolphins and catch a 45lb tuna fish. We went kayaking where the scenery and sounds were unforgettable. We also chose to be dropped off at our own private white sand island. Having an island to yourself truly felt like a once in a lifetime experience. One of our favorite moments was when we visited a local family in the village, whose generosity and kindness was incredibly humbling.

We have not stopped missing Emaho Sekawa and all of the wonderful people we met since we left the villa. If you are looking for an amazing place to vacation, this is it! You will not find this type of privacy and world class service anywhere else. We definitely are looking forward to going back one day. Thank you to Petra and Lukas and the wonderful staff for giving us a trip of a lifetime.
Stayed September 2012, traveled as a couple.

Reviewed August 25, 2012
I am going to try to describe in a reasonably organized fashion about Emaho Sekawa. My impression is at the bottom of this review, but let me briefly say that this is a magical, wonderful place and you will enter another world of peace and tranquility when you stay here.

Location: The lodge is located about 25 minutes from the nearest large town on the second largest island in Fiji. Unlike many hotels and other facilities in Fiji, Emaho Sekawa is located on top of a hill overlooking the ocean, a river valley with mangrove swamps, and mountains producing a spectacular viewpoint, and at the same time easily accessible to the ocean by foot or vehicle.

Facilities: The lodge contains an isolated living quarters for the guest which contains a bedroom and separate living room with surrounding balcony and swimming pool. The bedroom is spacious, well furnished and comfortable. The bathroom facility is well equipped and luxurious with a shower, abundant mirror and counter space. The living room has a computer if contact with the outside world is desired along with a small bar and kitchen area for making drinks, tea, and etc. There is also a half bathroom next to the door leading to the swimming pool which is adjacent to the living room. The swimming pool is more of a dipping pool rather than a full size pool and has a very comfortable lounge facility.

One can have dinner up the hill at the separate dining area which is about 75-100 meters away from the guest quarters or in the guest quarter. The dining area also has a bar and guest relations expert who can arrange outside excursions, serve meals, and make drinks.

Staff: One of the highlights of a stay at Emaho Sekawa is the staff. They are discrete but very friendly, interacting with you only when the guest is ready without forcing themselves. It is a delicate balance to acheive and they do it wonderfully. It is truly the staff that help make Emaho Sekawa become not just a great place but a memorable place to enjoy and stay at.

Type of travel: I was traveling solo in the Solomon Islands and then spent 4-5 days in Fiji at Emaho Sekawa.

Recommendation: It was a wonderful, and relaxing way to finish my trip. I wish I had spent more time there since I really did not take advantage of all they had to offer. I did do the trip through the mangrove swamp which was an amazing experience and one that should not be missed. I also had two massages which were wonderful (one was not enough!). Not only did I have a great massage, but also heard about the village and life there, which was fascinating and an added bonus to the massage. This area is a great scuba diving/snorkeling region, and I regret not having done some snorkeling. As a solo traveler, I can recommend the experience and the facility with the highest recommendation, since it is an incredible and fantastic place to experience. Photos do not do justice to this place and it is far more beautiful and tranquil than can be conveyed by the photos. As a rather jaded traveler, I am dubious of reviews that are too glowing; however Emaho Sekawa is not just a place but is truly an experience which few people will ever get to enjoy. I cannot say enough good things about the place and the people. This is not just a honeymoon facility but a place that can be easily enjoyed by individuals wishing to scuba dive, explore the swamps, bird-watching, and etc. Many people have written the word amazing when describing this place and I am going to have to be redundant and echo that same sentiment, Emaho Sekawa is truly an amazing and magical place and one you will remember for the rest of your life.
Stayed April 2012, traveled solo.

Reviewed May 13, 2012
We wanted somewhere very special to celebrate 20 years together & Emaho Sekawa delivered beyond our expectations. We were greeted on arrival by 10 delightful staff members - all for us! Initially we felt overawed by so many staff just for the two of us but the service proved to be a perfect blend of attentiveness & respect for our privacy.
The views from the stunning villa are simply breathtaking. We could sit on the expansive deck & take in the entire bay plus the virtually uninhabited jungle below. At night there are no lights except for the distant town of Savusavu so the stars & sunsets are amazing. You feel like you're the only people on the island.
We took up the options of in-room massage, kayaking up the river, trip to town & boat trips to the sand island & the nearby lagoon. All were good & the snorkelling was excellent. My only tip would be to avoid the sand island when the local birds are guarding their eggs which I think is only for a short period during the year.
We organized a special dinner for our anniversary night which was a really lovely experience & very much appreciated. We enjoyed multiple beautiful courses including green lobster all accompanied by tireless local musicians who added some fun. A truly memorable evening - thank you.
Overall the food was excellent & we found it hard to believe that we could virtually have whatever we liked wherever we liked. We just couldn't go past the Kokoda (raw fish marinated in lime juice & coconut milk) & had it for lunch every day.
For peace, tranquility & seclusion in truly unique luxurious surroundings this would be hard to beat. February is usually the wettest month so it's a risky time to go. We only lost one day to constant rain. Whilst it rained at some time on most days we found it to be a welcome break from the heat & the clouds drifting across the wild landscape & up the valleys just added to the beauty & diversity of the views.
A big thank you to Petra & Lukas for providing such a unique experience in such a fabulous location. An amazing vision which I'm sure required great tenacity to deliver. Also to the staff who not only provide wonderful service but also a fascinating connection to the local people & their culture.
Stayed February 2012, traveled as a couple.

Reviewed April 28, 2012
We arrived to this unique resort on honeymoon not knowing really what to expect, and oh boy where we happy..
Myself and my husband are also in the hospitallity business in Ireland. We where looking for something different and special and that is what Emaho Sekawa delivered and more!
Petra and Lukas the owners are so warm and friendly and this reflects on there staff who are just as wonderful and friendly..I wanted to take them all back to Ireland and work in our hotel.
Coming form two chefs the food is just out on ist own from the wonderful breakfast brought down to the villa to the most outstanding dinners, IU ahd the best lobster dish ever just caught earlier in the day.
You must go here at lest once in your life!!
Cant wait to return one day!
Stayed February 2012, traveled as a couple.

Reviewed April 16, 2012
Emaho Sekawa was our honeymoon destination in March 2012. This place is AMAZING, I have been encouraging all my friends and family to come to Emaho and experience the most relaxing, luxurious holiday ever.

I had been trawling websites for resorts in Fiji for months and was looking for something a bit different to the major resorts. Well, we definitely found something different at Emaho Sekawa.

From a warm welcome at the airport we travelled about 20 minutes by car, first along the coastline and then climbing higher and higher into the lush greenery surrounds until we found ourselves on top of the world! Our first experience was a traditional Fijian welcome song sung by the local Fijian staff that would be taking care of us for the next 7 nights.

Emaho Sekawa is one beautiful villa that only caters for one couple at a time. The villa is a huge, open plan design and is nestled on top of a mountain overlooking the ocean and countryside.
Our favourite features of the villa were the large and deep! infinity edge pool, the outdoor daybed which you could sleep on no worries I fell asleep there several times after a cocktail and a swim, and the outdoor shower that is a pretty exhilarating experience!

You have complete control over when your meals are, what you do, whenever you want to do it. The lovely ladies come to see you in your villa with a phone call to ask if it’s okay for them to come down and bring you a different menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So now let me tell you about the food….

I have never eaten so well in my life. And that’s coming from a family that has 3 chefs! All meals are 5 courses or more and you have a few different things to choose from for each meal. Everything is in abundance, you will never go hungry. The banana pancakes for breakfast are the most delicious I’ve ever experienced! The freshly caught seafood is so well prepared, even my fish hating husband was ordering fish and the Fijian Kokonda raw fish dish on a daily basis.

I could go on and on and I still wouldn’t be able to do Emaho Sekawa justice. The staff are the most lovely, friendly people and the owners Petra & Lucas are the perfect hosts.

Honestly, if you are tossing up between a big resort and this place, you can’t go wrong going on a holiday here. The reviews and photos speak for themselves!
Stayed March 2012, traveled as a couple.

Reviewed April 15, 2012
Our honeymoon started off with a hitch.. Missed our flight to Fiji and thus our connecting one.. And missed one night at the villa.. So needless to say we came to the resort exhausted having had to book flights all over again.. But the resort and the staff picked up on our exhaustion and immediately jumped in to ensure our stay was comfortable for the rest of the week. Food was fantastic..the place is divine and we really enjoyed staying in the resort in true "Fiji time" style.. We hope to come again in the future for our anniversary!
Stayed March 2012

Reviewed March 7, 2012
We stayed at Emaho Sekawa in February 2012 for a week and found it to be a gem like no other.

Emaho is beyond a resort, it is an experience. Owners Petra and Lukas have delivered with perfect execution a fusion of luxury, culture, cuisine and service on the unspoiled island of Vanua Levu. Each element is done with immaculate thought and attention to detail, and brings a unique perspective the typical luxury travel experience.

Luxury: the villa and dining pavilion are beautiful. The open air floor plan, rich craftsmanship, and stunning views it is not possible to overstate this last item yield a sense of relaxation and balance, and make it an intense pleasure to retire to the villa after an excursion or meal, or a great place to have a meal.

Culture: the location of Emaho is an area completely void of tourism, allowing guests to experience a virgin side of Fiji. Lukas and his staff guide you on private excursions, providing the flexibility to tailor each outing to meet your own desires. Our favorite activities were kayaking upriver into the rainforest, snorkeling & picnicking on untouched Sand Island, and wandering the private beach, where we met a local villager fishing for lunch, who invited us to tour her home. The best part of the excursions and a trip into town with Petra were the opportunities to learn about Fiji, the people, and the experience of developing Emaho Sekawa.

Cuisine: Every multi-course meal was delicious and an aesthetic marvel, with most of the food grown or caught in the case of the seafood on site. We loved the cassava chips, the muffins, the chicken tikka masala, and our absolute favorites were the soups. One could open a restaurant in New York serving just the soups!

Service: all of the staff are locals, and they are extremely friendly and have a general warmth that adds to the tranquility of the setting. Their service was impeccable and we loved talking with them throughout our stay.

In short, we couldn't imagine a better vacation. Emaho Sekawa delivered the best of luxury, set in authentic South Pacific surroundings. We have such an appreciation for the passion and love they have put into Emaho Sekawa, and would HIGHLY recommend it to travelers looking for something beyond ordinary. Their motto of Unique in Fiji, Unique in the World perfectly embodies the experience they deliver.
Stayed February 2012, traveled as a couple.

Reviewed March 1, 2012
As you read through the reviews for this place the common theme is how amazing this place is. Well I am here to assure every review is absolutely correct. This place is very unique and world class in the experience that they deliver. This place is jaw dropping and overwhelming. Is is extremely beautiful, peaceful and luxurious. The facilities are amazing - a beautiful pool, outdoor shower, big comfortable bed and interesting and original artwork to name a small few.

The food is specifically prepared for you as you are the only people at the facility and the quantity and quality is ridicously good. My favourite was Kokonda, a Fijian specialty which was very unique and tasty.

The best part about this place in my opinion is the staff and couple who own it. Petra and Lucas are the owners and nothing is too much. We went kayaking, snorkelling and wakeboarding with Lucas and all was so good. They also organised a trek to a local waterfall in a traditional village which we really enjoyed. We also really enjoyed just learning about where they have come from and how they took the plunge to move to Fiji and start up the business. They clearly pride themselves on exceptional customer service as do all the staff who work there. Special mention to Inni who took really good care of us and we really enjoyed speaking to her and learning a bit more about Fiji.

If you are even thinking about booking this place do it - you will not regret it. Yes it is expensive but all meals are included and it is once in a lifetime sort of stuff. It is true that you get what you pay for. We are certainly not rich we just worked hard to get to a place like this and were so happy with our choice. There are so many experiences we had here that it's too much to mention. We honestly left this place feeling like we has made good friends with the staff and hope to stay in touch.
Stayed January 2012, traveled as a couple.

Reviewed January 20, 2012
You will find yourself wrapped in luxury and kindness and surrounded by beauty every moment of your stay at Emaho. I challenge anyone booking a romantic retreat vacation to find a more perfect place in the safety of the South Pacific region.

There are many things that make this unique place a success: Petra and Lucas, your hosts, had a great idea when they dreamed up the possibility of a fully staffed resort dedicated to the service of one couple located in unspoilt paradise. Having a good idea is one thing but actually getting your idea into action and doing so with complete success is quite another.

From the moment you arrive the charm, sincerity and beauty of Emaho and its 8 or thereabouts staff envelop you and keep you suspended in a state of peace and tranquility until you leave.

Your home for the period of your stay is a large, luxuriously appointed, open plan villa with uninterupted views that stretch for ever both out to sea and across the verdant jungle hill sides. The sun sets are exquisite. Your bedroom is beautifully furnished and the toiletries are first class.

The staff have been very well coached and clearly understand and respect thevguests privacy. I mention this because this is a private place that ideally suits those seeking seclusion for a romantic get away or a rejuvenating retreat. The quality of the food produced by George and his support team is constantly good with service at table exquisite wether you choose to dine in your villa, at the resort or under the stars.

You could be excused for not leaving your villa for your entire stay, particularly once you experience the delights of the Spa menu. However, there is much to do at Emaho and the optional activities and excursions are well thought out. A boat trip to an isolated white sand island where can snorkel, rest or pretend to be Robinson Crusoe in complete is a truly special experience and the are numerous walking and water sport options.

Thank you Emaho for your gentle, sincere service and your amazing natural beauty and well done for successfully delivering an outstanding leisure experience in a market where so may resorts appear to have it all but sadly seem to fall short of the mark. You have the lot! Special attention paid to personal preferences.
Stayed December 2011, traveled as a couple.

Reviewed December 29, 2011
Although several months since our Emaho Sekawa experience, we wanted to share our thoughts about this unique and wonderful resort. If you're looking to socialise and meet other folks, this place is not for you. This resort has one villa. If you're looking to be treated like royalty, this is your dream come true. Petra and Lukas could not have better provided a jaw dropping vacation experience for us. George, the chef, could easily prepare in any of the top restaurants in the world. Nothing is too much to ask, any time of day whether it be a meal, drinks or a fantastic massage as the sun sets, the hosts and staff are there for you and you only! Our hosts have somehow managed to submerge their guests in total luxury at the same time allowing the local Fijian experience to touch the senses. You can do it all, fishing, kayaking, boating, etc or relax by your own infinity pool. While we were there we were taken to the local village where a group of children performed traditional songs. I had to pinch myself several times during our stay to make sure I was dreaming!!! So if you want an experience of a lifetime, go to Emaho Sekawa, paradise on earth.
P & D Winter, NYC, USA

Reviewed December 13, 2011
Emaho set a benchmark that is extremely difficult to beat. We moved to a 5 star hotel during our 2nd part of our stay at fiji. The 5 star hotel is considered a complete downgrade when compared with Emaho

The resort is a totally different class on it's own. The resort only has 1 villa ! Yes you are reading it correctly. Only 1 villa. Meaning to say, the entire resort including the chef focus on just you. If you are sick and tired of the usual 5 stars hotel and you want total privacy and pampering, this resort is the right choice for you.

If you are a nature lover, this resort will take your dream to the extreme. The resort has an outdoor shower and terrace that commands a stunning view of the bay and mountain.

For the prices, the resort is highly affordable for such level of pampering and privacy. I highly recommend this resort for a totally different holiday experience. CL&CT
Stayed December 2011, traveled as a couple.

Reviewed October 24, 2011
Our journey to our honeymoon destination in Emaho Sekawa was troublesome but once there we felt we were in paradise! It’s a combination of the breathtaking property and scenery and Petra and Lukas professional way of managing problems like missing luggage. We felt we were in good hands and immediately started to enjoy ourselves in our Emaho Villa.

Everything at Emaho Sekawa is so thoughtful, full of love and passion. George, the chef, does magic in the kitchen. There is nothing that he cannot cook. We enjoyed all our meals with both our eyes and stomachs. Everything is organic from the property. The wine collection was good and seems to be composed based on your taste. There is even a bar for two of us in the Bula Pavilion, very sympathetic. It’s amazing that we had the whole retreat by ourselves. Emaho only receive one couple or individual at one time. No matter if you want complete relaxation or lots of activities, you can get it all. It’s amazing how we could experience so many different things in one and the same place.

We had an excursion to a white sand Island that we just loved! If you are looking for a close to nature, private, secluded place offering high quality of food, service, spa, massage treatments, dedication to details, friendly and warmhearted hosts, then you must visit Emaho Sekawa! My husband and I kept on saying every morning that "the view is breathtaking and what a paradise!" Our wedding took place at a place called Paradise in Sweden and our honeymoon destination was indeed a paradise too.
We definitely want to go back to Emaho Sekawa!
M & P-L Röjdmark, China
Stayed October 2011, traveled as a couple.

Reviewed October 24, 2011
My husband and I are regular visitors to Fiji and have been to many fabulous islands and resorts there including most 5 and 6 star luxury island escapes. You do become jaded to a certain extent and, I have to say, there was no chance of that happening when we stepped foot on Emaho! It truly was a unique experience for both of us and unlike any of the other resorts we'd been to in the past.

Our hosts, Petra and Lukas, were attentive to our needs from the get go and, while ensuring we wanted for nothing during our stay, still ensured we had the privacy we were looking for. Our team of staff were very friendly - you could have as little or as much involvement with them as you wished, however, we couldn't help but be drawn by their infectious enthusiasm. We left there like we were leaving family behind.

At Emaho we found fabulous food which was as fresh as you could get them - the fish was most likely caught by Lukas during the day and the veggies picked from the gardens or bought locally as needed. In fact, it was a regular joke that my husband was going to divorce me to marry George the chef! The tables were always set beautifully with handpicked flowers and the food was simply delicious. I remember being told "if it's not fresh, we don't cook it" - it really was the truth.

The Villa was simply breathtaking! There was an everchanging view of the lush rainforests to one side and the sea on the other. We never grew tired of sitting on the open deck and looking out to the magnificent view - usually with a lovely breeze blowing across the Villa. One evening we had the fortune to be almost enveloped amongst the clouds which was quite an experience. The Villa was clean with luxurious appointments and high quality products such as Pure Fiji bathing products. The infinity pool overlooking the rainforest and out to the sea was used every single day, usually with a mojito in hand.

In short, a visit to Emaho is a MUST and well worth it. We're definitely coming back for a return visit!!
Stayed October 2011, traveled as a couple.

Reviewed September 17, 2011
Like you, we always read these TripAdvisor reviews with a grain or two of salt, but rest assured, no salt is required here. My wife and I wholeheartedly share in all of the praise being sung for Emaho Sekawa and its owners and staff on these pages.
Petra and Lukas came to Fiji with a dream, and for a little while, during your stay at Emaho Sekawa, you get to be part of it. They got everything right here. A truly unique spot in the world, and one we hope to return to soon.

Reviewed September 9, 2011
First let’s get a few things out of the way. My husband and I don’t scuba dive. We don’t water-ski or wind-surf. What we wanted from our Fiji vacation was beauty and relaxation. And that's exactly what we got, starting with an unforgettable flight over sparkling water and fluorescent blue-green coral reefs to the lush island of Vanua Levu and the tiny Savusavu airport, where Lukas and Inise were waiting to greet us and take us to Emaho Sekawa Luxury Retreat. From that moment until our departure 11 days later, the wonderful Emaho Sekawa team looked after us, attentive but never obtrusive, combining ultimate professionalism with a warm, personal touch.

Many happy hours were spent in leisurely walks, gathering seashells on the beach and admiring the truly astonishing variety of tropical plants on the Emaho Sekawa grounds. Other times we were content just to hang out in our private villa on top of the world, enjoying the fabulous ocean, rainforest, and mountain views—watching the sun set, the moon rise, and the fruit bats in twilight flight. We experienced many culinary pleasures, eating coconut, papaya, bananas, and passion fruit fresh from the garden. Kokoda, the delicious local version of ceviche became an instant favorite, as did palusami, a savory coconut cream wrapped in dalo leaves. A salad of wild ferns picked by the wise and wonderful Kini, with her extensive knowledge of horticulture and Fijian herbal lore was another hit. And there were tropical cocktails and a lovely selection of wines to accompany the meals, which, like every part of the Emaho Sekawa experience, were designed and executed with imagination and taste—and always with an eye for what we liked and what we wanted from our vacation.

One day Petra took us to Vunivesi Village, where we partook of a ceremonial bowl of kava and saw traditional dances performed with spirit and charm by a group of local youths. Although the entire performance was put on especially for my husband and me, it didn’t feel “touristy.” Instead, there was an intimacy and authenticity to the experience, and we felt very honored by the attention, which included a tour of the small village and its lovely gardens. As always, we were struck by the friendliness of the Fijian people and by the sense of mutual interest and respect that accompanied all of our interactions with them. When we remarked on a large textile featuring the Statue of Liberty hanging from the balcony of a 2-story home and visible throughout the village, we were told this was the chief’s house. We assume that he or she (yes, there are women chiefs in Fiji) put out similar displays for British, Australian, and other visitors, a typically thoughtful and diplomatic gesture.

Twice we got a ride into Savusavu Town where we strolled in and out of the central farmer’s market and various little street front shops. There was not a Starbucks or McDonald’s or Gap anywhere to be found. Instead (and far more interesting), there was a local DVD store carrying every volume of "The Gods Must Be Crazy" (who knew there were so many, but obviously the material strikes a chord) and a tiny mini-mart selling machetes, Coca Cola, fresh fish, and—as the owner proudly pointed out on a shelf above our heads—a casket. Forget AM PM—this is a serious convenience store, one that takes customers from cradle to grave!

The multicultural aspect of Fiji was very evident in Savusavu: statues of Ganesh rubbing shoulders with tikis; Thai, Indian and Fijian curries sharing menus with pizza and steak; a humorous headline “Off With Her Head!” in the local newspaper, referring to the imminent phasing out of the old Fijian currency with Queen Elizabeth on it; billboards advertising local beer; Mormon missionaries walking down the street in gray flannel sarongs; local police in spiffy black-and-white sarongs with zigzag hemlines and stylish shoes! And driving out of town, a group of children playing soccer in a field and an old woman’s gap-toothed smile as she carried what had to be a very heavy load of sugar cane on her shoulder... So many images engraved in our minds.

Although, as previously mentioned, my husband and I are not particularly athletic people, we did enjoy some beginner’s level water sports, under strict supervision of course! We tried kayaking. And my husband enjoyed a sport fishing excursion with Lukas one day and snorkeling at Sand Island another. (He is still raving about the beautiful cobalt blue starfishes he saw there.) I thought the native approach to fishing looked more my speed—family groups wading far into the shallow waters, talking and laughing and splashing (it looked like a party to me), and then returning to shore with beautiful fish wriggling in their hands, ready for their beach barbecue! I hope next time I visit that I might be invited to join one of these fishing excursions!

One evening we dined at the Cousteau resort, a beautiful place, but big and impersonal compared to Emaho Sekawa. And then, on our way back to the U.S., we spent several hours exploring the large “resort village” at Denerau Island on Viti Levu, with its great crowds of tourists shuttling between a half dozen major hotels (which all looked pretty much the same to me), beaches, golf course, marina, Hard Rock Café, souvenir super-shops, and so on—a commercial hub completely cut off from any real sense of place or people or from what I believe is the “real” Fiji.

In my mind, this kind of packaged tourist paradise cannot begin to compare with the Emaho Sekawa Resort—the private, serene and quite transcendental setting; a level of care and attention to detail that goes far beyond "room service" (did I mention fresh flowers on our bed and all around the Villa every day!); and the unique opportunity to actually experience the Fijian people and culture in a personal and meaningful way. Our island getaway represented 11 days of complete escape from urban stress, a taste of life lived within the rhythms of nature. And Emaho Sekawa itself was the perfect combination of simplicity and luxury. It was an amazing vacation, both physically and spiritually revitalizing. So we say to all of our friends at Emaho Sekawa, “Vinaka vaka levu.” Thank you very much. We miss you, we treasure our memories of the time we shared with you, and we look forward to returning someday.
Stayed June 2011, traveled as a couple.


"My wife and I spent our 2nd anniversary in Fiji. We had the luxury of visiting two resorts and sailing on the Tui Tai. We stayed at Namale resort for two days and loved it. Then sailed the Tui Tai for a week and had a great time there. Little did we know that we had saved the best for last. Our week at Emaho Sekawa was magical. We had seen the website before we left but it did not prepare for the experience of Emaho Sekawa. Stunning, amazing, breathtaking, pick your description but it is unparalleled, and I have been many amazing places in my life. This is in the top 5.

So you have great villa, beautiful view and you are in Fiji. Pretty great so far, but it gets better at Emaho Sekawa! First you are the only guest. The entire staff at your beck and call. Petra and Lucas are wonderful hosts and always checking on your satisfaction and needs. George the chef is phenomenal. Something you like he will accommodate. Want more of something, no problem. Want it at 3:30 or 5:00 or first thing in the morning, you got it. Always fresh, always delicious. All of the staff genuinely friendly in that Fiji tradition that amazes anyone from the West.

My wife and I are very active, and Emaho Sekawa delivered with a variety of expeditions that we still we talk about. If you are in shape, the waterfall is a non-miss excursion. But the beauty of Emaho Sekawa is that you can do whatever you want. You want to lie around the villa drinking champagne in the infinity pool, no problem. The masseur will arrive at the time you designate. Want to hack you way through the jungle to a waterfall that few ever see, still not a problem. You design your trip and Lucas and Petra will accommodate.

We can't wait to go back, and next trip we will be bringing our new daughter. I am told that Fiji women are excellent with children! "
D. & O., NW Pacific , US - August 21,2011


"Seclusion, luxury, privacy, great service and food was what we were looking for on our honeymoon. At Emaho Sekawa we were not disappointed and neither will you be! Every whim has been catered to, every little luxury has been included, from fresh frangipani's to the best food in the world is just the start.

We were shocked to learn that we were the only ones in the resort, that its exclusivity was beyond anything in the world. One villa all to yourself! The whole resort all to yourself with your own private, chef, butler, masseur, and so forth. George who is positively the best chef ever, would cook us what we wanted. We could have our romantic meals in the villa, under the stars, in the pavilion, wherever we wanted. We had 3 meals a day, 5 course meals, we struggled to keep up! I think by the end of the first day, we were wanting to take George home with us.

The villa itself was amazing! An infinity pool was just perfect for a nice dip or the daybed to laze around. Decked with wood and a view to remember, we did not want to leave. We told Petra the pictures did not do it justice. Overlooking the rainforest and the beach, what more could you want?

For a relaxing holiday with every luxury imaginable, we would highly recommend Emaho Sekawa! Definitely a place you have to see. We hope to one day visit again. "
R. & N., Sydney, Australia - June 10, 2011


"Photos do not come close to capturing the magnificence of Emaho Sekawa. From the second you step foot on the property you will find yourself staring in astonishment. Finding words to describe it are out of the question. We were exhausted from traveling when we arrived at Emaho Sekawa, but the instant our feet hit the ground and our eyes saw the surroundings, our jet lag was forgotten. You can see forever, a view full of lush rain-forests, mountains, and beautiful coastline. From that first moment we not only felt indulged but completely welcome and at ease. This did not change through the complete trip as the entire staff worked continuously to insure that everything was perfect for us.

The main reason for our trip to Fiji was to get married. Emaho Sekawa went above and beyond to insure that our wedding was flawless. The amount of consideration and detail that was put into our day was overpowering. While the staff worked endlessly to finalize even the most minuscule particulars, we went for a picturesque walk on the beach, enjoyed a remarkable lunch and then a tranquil dip in the pool. The ceremony was amazing; once again I am at a loss for words. Fijian warriors, the Fijian choir, and the meke made the wedding exotic and extra special. Everything went immaculately and was completely stress free. It was our fantasy wedding and we could not have dreamed of more.
The villa at Emaho Sekawa is luxurious. The attention to detail is obvious in every inch of the villa. You feel as though you are in a secret world where no one else exists. From the bedding to the views, everything is top of the line. It is so private and relaxing that you find yourself not wanting to leave! And since everything is on your schedule during your stay, you don't have to!

There are many activities to enjoy during your stay, with each one bringing more amazement and bliss. Snorkeling off of our own private sand island made the rest of the world disappear as the beauty under the water was revealed to us. We spent four hours kayaking and never saw another person, only an abundance of wildlife. Our trips into the villages allowed us to see the real Fiji and to learn even more about the country while surrounded by the most splendid people we have ever met. A relaxing massage during the sunset was followed by a gourmet dinner, all the food was scrumptious!. During dinner we were entertained by Fijian music played by local musicians and our first taste of Kava. On the last day of our visit the staff prepared the traditional Lovo meal for us, this is something you do not want to miss!

If you want a resort that is crowded, noisy and identical to other resorts around the world, then Emaho Sekawa is not your choice. But if you want an experience you will never forget in a resort that is unlike any other and offers ultimate privacy, then Emaho Sekawa is your place. Leaving paradise was the hardest part and we are already planning a return trip. We know that we will never find another place in the entire world as special as Emaho Sekawa. "
M. & S., Virginia, U.S. - April 13, 2011


"The experience at Emaho Sekawa is truly refreshing. The accommodation consists of a private, luxury sized and luxury equipped villa with a view that includes the ocean, the forest, the mountains, and a river. The view changed at different times of day and with different kinds of weather, all spectacular. My favorite was probably when it rained.

The villa, which reminded me of a modern, yet ultra comfortable and cozy tree house, is very thoughtfully decorated, exceptionally clean, and full of exotic flowers and artwork. It was the ideal space for rest and relaxation.It is really private, situated lower down from the rest of the resort, and this means you don't have to get dressed up for anyone, you can keep to yourself if you choose to.

The service was world class, the staff was very professional and friendly. They did not ask us any personal questions, even when we got to know them a little. Their demeanor was always calm, and we felt very much at ease during our stay. I also really appreciated that they took the time and energy to address my friend and I separately. One morning during our stay, my friend and i were feeling particularly lazy and had our four course meal served to us while sitting and laying in front of the tv and watching a movie in the uber comfortable living room of the villa, that probably made our trip.

Food was definitely something special, seeing that my travel companion and I are gluten and lactose free. The menu was catered to us, and even though we follow strict diets, we didn't have the impression that we were missing out on anything. Mediterranean flavors and fresh fruits helped to create fully-satisfying gourmet meals. And if we requested something lighter, the chef was always able to create something to suit our taste.

I would say this place is ideal for couples, honeymooners especially. You operate on your own schedule, you can eat whenever you want, eat whatever you want, and you can choose to stay in the villa in complete privacy or you can choose from an array of activities, including boat rides, fishing, kayaking, snorkeling, and picnics. I wish I could have stayed longer, and hope to go back soon. "
Canada - February 10, 2011


"It seems like time stands still at the Emaho Sekawa luxury retreat. It's all about you and the once in a lifetime experience of getting spoiled beyond your imagination.

Set high on a breezy green hill the retreat enjoys stunning views of pristine unspoiled coastline and lush rainforest. It could be straight out of the movie "Jurassic Park". Nature lovers won't be disappointed and couples who choose to celebrate their honeymoon here, will live happily together ever after.

The hosts, Petra and Lukas are a lovely couple who have designed this luxury retreat with only one thing on their mind: YOU and to make YOU happy. Only the best materials have been used and the moment you step on the property you will be blown away. Their retreat was designed with attention to the detail, but what captures you the most is the charm that surrounds the place. There is something in the air...

The food and accommodation are first class and the staff go out of their way to make you feel special.

You can either just relax and enjoy the stunning views cooling off in your private pool, or get active and explore what the beautiful and unique surroundings have to offer. You can join the owner on a dive excursion to the world famous "Namena Reef Nature Reserve" on his private boat , or go on a kayak trip trough the lush rainforest. This stay was luxury pure and a treat for my body and soul. Can't wait to get back...."
Brisban Australia - February 2nd, 2011


"We are seasoned travelers and travel the world extensively. We have enjoyed many delightful situations all over the world but nothing that we have experienced to date can compare with Emaho Sekawa. Firstly the situation was both exotic and spectacular, the accommodation whilst being luxurious in the extreme also managed to create a very warm and relaxing atmosphere. The food both in its variety and quality was exceptional and served by skilled, friendly and unobtrusive staff.

What also impressed and pleased us was the way in which the managers immersed themselves in the local culture and language, which we observed on the many occasions when we visited the local markets and villages. In these situations it was a real delight to have with us somebody so experienced with the Fijian culture and traditions.

The other highlights for us were the evenings chatting on the deck with a bottle of very good "POP" enjoying some of the most incredible views this world has to offer. The premium service, the comfort of the villa and the beauty of the place, sparked absolute contentment for both Carol and I. This made for many interesting and amusing conversations for which we thank you. Muchisimo Gracias. "
B. & C., Valencia, Spain - January 18, 2011