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FIJI RAINFOREST - Exploring the interior of a tropical rainforest is an adventure on its own. Have our guide show you the way and enter the boundary of a different world.

Fiji’s tropical rainforest is incredibly dense with tall trees entangled with vines and creepers reaching upward towards the light. Bellow this canopy, you can find prehistoric-looking ferns, trees and plants as well as some of the most incredible shapes and colors of wild orchids.

Fiji’s unspoiled rainforest is unique not only because of its pristine beauty, but also because it lacks danger. Instead of worrying about poisonous snakes or spiders, which are non-existent in Fijian rainforest, concentrate on looking for unique orchids or observe some of the endemic species of birds.

Or venture into the jungle on a kayak and experience the cathedral-like stillness of the mangrove waterways of the Nasekawa River.