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EMAHO SEKAWA CONCEPT - The idea behind creating Emaho Sekawa was as many great ideas are, very simple; to create a place where couples or individuals can escape the outside world and reconnect with themselves and each other, while being surrounded by pure pristine nature.

The concept was to establish an intimate boutique retreat, a peaceful sancuatary that would specialize in creating authentic luxurious holiday experience while ensuring complete privacy and providing personalized service and offering authentic cultural adventure.

The greatest challenge was to combine this peaceful and serene environment with the conveniences of modern lifestyle and luxury in such a way, that all will harmoniously fit together without one distracting the other. Our aim was to intervene with the environment in the least way possible, and do our best to sustain the simplicity and authenticity of the place, which is what makes this place so unique.

With careful concept and design we thrived to create a place where one can feel at peace and at balance with nature, able to re-connect with inner peace. The word "Emaho" is a Tibetan exclamation (pronounced ay-mah-ho) describing joy, wonder and realization. "Sekawa" corresponds to the area.

We invite you to come to Emaho Sekawa Resort and spend here wonderful, fulfilling time.