HIKING - Hiking can range from very easy walks on the beach to moderate bush hikes that require a tour guide.

Sekawa beach is excellent for morning walks, jogging, or beach combing. Our staff will happily take you to the beach and show you around the area.

A Tour Guide for full or half day is available upon request. Our guides are experienced, with extensive knowledge about the area, the fauna and flora, as well as local customs.

WATERFALLS - We have three waterfalls near by the resort, ranging from easy access through a local village with a natural pool to take a swim in, to majestic rainforest waterfalls that are a bit more difficult to get to, but worth the hike once there.

FIJI RAINFOREST - Fiji’s unspoiled rainforest is unique not only because of its pristine beauty, but also because it lacks danger. Instead of worrying about poisonous snakes or spiders, which are non-existent in Fijian rainforest, concentrate on looking for unique orchids or observe some of the endemic species of birds.

KAYAKING NASEKAWA WATERWAYS - Venture into the jungle on a kayak and experience the cathedral-like stillness of the mangrove waterways of the Nasekawa River.