Away from over populated tourist destinations and the frantic pace of preoccupied modern living, lies Emaho Sekawa. Surrounded by hundreds of acres of pristine tropical rainforest, Emaho Sekawa provides the perfect opportunity to immerse oneself in the natural environment.

Enjoy your breakfast while listening to honey eaters and collared lories that visit the blossoms of African Tulip trees that surround the resort and don't be surprised to see a variety of birds right from the comfort of your deck.

Emaho Sekawa is heaven for bird-watchers with a large number of species of tropical birds, including some of the 26 species that are endemic to Fiji. Bird life abounds in Sekawa from majestic Frigate birds seen up high in the sky to Goshawks nesting in the near by rain-trees, to the endangered Peregrines and tropic birds such as Mangrove Herons, Kingfishers, Parrot-Finches and white breasted wood-swallows. Sekawa provides safe nesting grounds for many rare birds including the barking pigeon, whistling dove and the magnificent orange dove.

The only terrestrial mammals native to Fiji are bats, of which there are two endemic species; the Fijian flying fox and the small Fiji blossom bat; both regularly seen in Sekawa.